CERT Training

CERT training consists of 9 units presented in eight class sessions of training as described briefly below (click on each image for a larger view. Due to Instructor availabilities, we sometimes do the sessions in a slightly different order (except Sessions 1 and 8 are always first and last, respectively).

Session 1 - Unit 1: Class Introduction & Disaster Preparedness

First we go over what will be expected of the students during the class. Then we discuss how the students can be better prepared for any disaster. This includes possible hazards that face Madison County and steps that individuals can take to mitigate those hazards as well as having a disaster supply kit and a disaster plan.

Session 2 - Unit 3: Disaster Medical Operations I

Students learn about treating life threatening conditions, the concept of Triage, and the START triage system.

Session 3 - Unit 4: Disaster Medical Operations II

Students learn about public health condsiderations, establishing treatment areas, head-to-toe assessments (including performing an actual assessment), and basic first aid procedures including splinting/bandaging.

Session 4 - Unit 5: Fire Safety

Students learn about fires, fire safety, and hazardous materials. Students use a fire extinguisher to put out a small fire. Students are required to wear appropriate clothing and shoes to this class. Leather palmed work gloves and safety goggles are also required.

Session 5 - Unit 6: Light Search & Rescue

Students learn about conducting a sizeup of the disaster scene, degrees of damage, basic search principles and techniques, and rescue operations. Use of cribbing material and a prybar to lift heavy objects as well as methods of lifting and carrying victims are also covered.

Session 6 - Units 2 & 7: CERT Organization & Disaster Psychology

Students learn about the Incident Command System (ICS), how to use ICS to organize themselves as a team, making decisions on a disaster scene, and how they fit in the ICS used by local responders. Students are then given a presentation on the possible psychological impacts on both victims and responders during a disaster event as well as team well being, survivor trauma, and interaction with the family of a deceased victim.

Session 7 - Unit 8: Terrorism Awareness

Students learn about terrorist targets, weapons, indicators of a terrorist event, being prepared, as well as what CERT's should do in the aftermath of a terrorist event.

Session 8 - Class Review & Simulated Disaster Exercise

First we go over the material presented during the class. Then the students participate in a simulated disaster scenario (including "victims"). The students have the responsibility of organizing themselves and effectively taking action to respond to and operate in the incident. After the exercise is complete, a short debriefing is held and graduation certificates are presented to those students that have completed all portions of the course.

Click here for a PDF copy of the CERT Basic Training Participant Manual.

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